International Conference on Innovations in Education, Economics and Public Sector Management – Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa

September 2 – 6, 2019

The ICAD 2019 International Conference on Innovations in Education, Economics and Public Sector Management is designed to address the strategic challenges faced by leaders and administrators across sectors in the areas of managing talents, performance and productivity in the New Economy.

Aside from highly interactive presentations, conference attendees will have dedicated time to network with their peers, visit specified places of interest as an extension of the learning experience.

Guest speakers and facilitators will include thought leaders, and distinguished researchers from the business school and industry captains.

Sub – topics:
1. Understanding the New Economy and Emerging Challenges.
2. Innovations in Education and Talent Management.
3. Innovations in Public Sector Management.
4. Review of Contemporary Productivity Enhancement Strategies.
5. Understanding the Dynamics of Inspiring Leadership.
6. Appreciating the Impact of Information Technology in Business and Economics.
7. Managing for Results in the Innovation Age

Benefits of Attending
1. Networking opportunities with experts across sectors.
2. A chance to present your papers and have it published in Professional Journals.
3. Listen to keynote presentations from real Professionals and Industry Captains.
4. Award of Advanced Executive Diploma in Management Systems.
5. Custom Award plaque commemoration your participation.
6. Certificate of Participation.

Participation Fee:
N249,000.00 Per Participant
Fee covers tuition, conference materials, stationery, tea/coffee breaks, lunch, mid day snacks, certificate of participation and custom award plaque.

N20,000 approximately per night (Bed and Breakfast), There is provision for pairing. Payment is made on arrival at Johannesburg.

Bank Details:
Bank: Access Bank
Account No: 0038432932
Account Name: Institute of Corporate Administration

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