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    Qualification For Membership

    The Institute of Corporate Administration sets minimum criteria which has been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic and/or professional credentials, and who demonstrates creativity, critical thinking, high moral and social values. Evidence of proficiency in English language and strong motivation is a prerequisite

    Student Membership

    A powerful step to support your career is to begin now to network with successful and powerful professionals across all sectors of the economy. Your membership exposes you to the strategies for building the practical skills and business savvy necessary to become the job candidate organizations want to hire. You will be privileged to meet and interact with these star performers at our Open Conferences and Lifestyle Seminars all year round at a special reduced rate. Full time or part time students are admitted to this stage with the prospect of advancing to professional level of membership.

    Graduate Membership

    Fresh graduates from recognized tertiary institutions who want to strengthen their careers through ongoing professional development are admitted into this grade of membership after a 2-day induction course on:
    (1) Concepts of Management; and
    (2) Administrative functions in modern organizations
    To beef up their Curriculum Vitae, Graduate members are encouraged to enroll for our on-line courses in order to be in tune with real world developments in administration and business.

    Associate Membership (ACAI)

    Gain practical insights from today’s management experts and business gurus on the newest ways to keep your career on track, handle projects and work effectively with people as to achieve success on continuous basis. Holders of B.Sc, HND, PGD, Professional Diplomas with upward of three (3) years post qualification experience are admitted to this level of membership.

    Professional Membership (MCAI)

    Same as above with at least 5 years working experience at supervisory or managerial level.

    Professional Fellow (FCAI Hons.)

    Consideration for this special membership grade is largely experiential with verifiable records of achievements in the areas of entrepreneurship, job creation and leadership excellence.

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